November 13, 2005

Jesus of Suburbia

Today I decided I am going to try and learn Jesus of Suburbia, as well it's a great tune. And it happens to be really long. I've got the first part figured out now, but I still have four more sections to learn.

For those of you who don't know, Jesus of Suburbia is by Green Day, off their newest album, American Idiot. Overall it's a pretty solidly constructed album, using the easily identifiably Green Day sound.

I've started thinking lately that I need some new music gear. In particular I want to get a new guitar and amp. The guitar I want to buy, is the Ibanez 720FM. It's a great looking guitar, and it sounds really nice as well. As for the amp, I'm basically looking to get something that's powered by tubes, and preferably it would be a Marshall.

I'm also looking to get a keyboard at some point, but that will probably be a while, as I would like to get a good one, and not bother with a cheap piece of junk. I have my eye on this Roland keyboard, with 20 voices, sustain and damp pedals, and the ability to record / playback songs. The only glitch is of course the price, settling in at a costly $1410. One can dream though, can't they?