April 25, 2005

Tips for Paddling Across the Panama Canal in a Canoe

I recently discovered this hilarious article on the net. An excerpt for your viewing pleasure:


"Hi there! I'm paddling a canoe from San Francisco to New York and would like to cross the canal later this morning. Thanks for letting me know what procedures to follow."

Don't be surprised if you receive the following response: "Senor, it is impossible, completely impossible, for you to cross the Panama Canal in a canoe. Aside from the danger of accidentally bumping into a 50,000 ton ship in one of the locks, the toll for crossing the canal is $45,000."

Don't let such an email discourage you. Just follow up with a message along the lines of: "I was so much looking forward to crossing the canal today. I've paddled this canoe several thousand miles down the coast from San Francisco. The toll fee is no problem. I have a credit card on me."

All in all, it's a really funny article. Click on the link, and give it a read. If you don't, I'll be forced to do nothing.