November 17, 2005

A pod for every season

It has recently been decided by some of my roommates and friends that I'm apparently not human. I blame Seinfeld for this problem, Jerry in particular. In the episode The Apartment, Jerry decides that Kramer isn't really a member of the human race, but a pod. That's right, a pod. For your viewing pleasure, I found a copy of the script, so everyone can understand where this is coming from. Hope you like it.

JERRY: Let me explain something to you.. You see, you're not normal. You're a great guy, I love you, but you're a pod. I, on the other hand, am a human being. I sometimes feel awkward, uncomfortable, even inhibited in certain situations with the other human beings. You wouldn't understand.

You can find a copy of the script here, which is located on the Seinfeld Scripts webpage.

Now some people might be insulted by this accusation, but personally I can't see anyway to win. They are being more than accurate and truthful. I'm odd. And I love it.

Signing off,

Pod Mk.2