November 17, 2005

It was tough, but it works

Well it took quite a while, and I had to learn some fun things about both Javascript and how the Blogger system works. I finally managed to get two things done which I really wanted to happen.

First off, I managed to configure the page, so if you click on a date, it hides all the posts for that day. This makes it easy to move to old posts quickly. The knowledge I gained from making that work, enabled me to get the second key feature I wanted, which was to have the date and time listed beneath the title of each post. I think it looks really nice now.

And finally, I found a nifty little Javascript program that encrypts my e-mail address. Basically if you click on either of my two e-mail links, "give me a shout" or "David Novosel" (at the bottom of the page), some Javascript runs, which decrypts the e-mail address, and opens up the default mail sender. This is useful, as now Spambots can't get the address off my page. Ok, so it's a tad geekish, but it's something that's really useful at the same time. Spam can get pretty annoying at times.

As always, feel free to leave any comments about my site design, and anything else for that matter.