November 28, 2004

Debian is back

Well I finally got around to installing debian as a desktop system again. And all thanks to Nathan for providing a nice 40GB hard drive. Since he has over 300GB this 40 didn't seem like a huge loss to him.

Anyway, the system is all setup, and looking quite sweet, gnome 2.8 is amazing.

November 23, 2004

Addicted To Blogging

It's come to my attention that I have become addicted to this arcane internet craze called Blogging. I think about posting all the time. I post multiple times a day. And it turns out it's all probably a complete waste of time.

I mean seriously someone might read all this, but most likely, no one will. Yet still i strive onward to blog some more. Pretty soon the government will have to step in and have Blogging counsoling to help us. I'd say it's worse than gambling. Then again it's probably not.

I have noticed that I tend to contradict myself quite often. Is this normal, or am I just an odd individual.

One last thing, in my sleeplessness state I have decided to create / modify a new word.

Mostided : something that is most to the extreme, the uber-most if you were.

Anyway, if anyone thinks this word should gain a foothold in society, please spread it around. If enough people start using it, it might even get in the dictionary. We can only hope, and I'm counting on people like you!

The Toque

Well I was looking at my blog today, and I realized that in every
picture I have my Canadian Toque on. Some people might view this as

Reasons it's not:

1. It's Canadian
2. It looks cool
3. It keeps my head warm
4. And most important: I look sexy

Note [regarding no. 4]: i just needed a fouth point, rumour has it I'm
not as sexy as some people claim I am. It's a strange world I know.
But what can you do?

Elegant Tea Pose

My elegant tea drinking pose

This was the ultra-classy picture taken at my Mom's Birthday party this weekend. My brother suggested that I set it up, after seeing the sweet cup/saucer combination. I'd have to agree it turned out pretty good.

It turns out that like everyone in my family now has uber-cool digital camera's. Apparently I didn't get the memo or something, as they are all carrying around 4 - 5 MP super camera's. Now if only I had some money, I could join the club. But then since I'm a poor student, it probably won't happen.

November 22, 2004

And Back Again!

Guess who's back!

Well the weekend went really good, my Mom was totally surprised so it was definitely worth it. The bus ride back took forever. I left my house in Hamilton at 15:15, and didn't get back home to Ottawa until almost 01:00. Honestly it was probably the slowest bus ride ever, the driver even had to stop and get gas during the break.

Silly Greyhound.

November 20, 2004

There and...

On my way out the door, to go sit on a bus for 5 hours. Bonus: it's 5:45 in the morning. Lucky Me! Posted by Hello

Confusion Reigns

Nathan was busy, I came home drunk to find the living room destroyed.. What a funny guy!

Going Home

Going home today, to surprise my mom for her 50th. The party should be good, but seeing my parents is always a best an akward moment. The hypocricy and lies that result will one day end up putting a serious rift in our relationship, and sadly it's mostly my fault.

I found out that OEM Express in Ottawa is hiring part time techincal help, so on Monday I'm going to apply, and hopefully (at long last) get a job.

OEM Express

November 19, 2004

Are You Scared

i think therefore i blog

The Beginning of the End

Have you ever noticed how some people get upset at the most asinine things? I mean it gets really fucking annoying after a time to hear a person complain continously. Society would benefit if someone just took them out back...