February 22, 2005

Site Changes

Over the next few days, the site is going to be redesigned. If the page looks all fucked up, just check back later as I'm working it out. And a big thanks to everyone who checks my blog out, please feel free to leave comments.

I finally got Haloscan to work. It had some crazy issues, but at least it works now.

Some Thoughts

“Utopia for the most part seems completely dull and lacking in all the virtues that make life worth living. A utopia creates nothing new, but grows stagnant. The arts thrive on adversity and pain. Some might view this as a sad affair, but truly happy people will not create great things. Art is created when people find faults, either in themselves or in their surroundings. This is why I love my life."


Would you give up freedom for happiness?

Big brother for the new world

Cry now,

For 1984 is upon us.

The Illusion of Safety

It's nice to know someone's "looking" out for us.

February 20, 2005

Off To The Game

Went off to the Ottawa 67's game today. And they beat Owen Sound. I guess me and Aaron are good luck. The hockey game was a blast to watch. It was really great to watch hockey again, this entire silly lockout situation has been driving me nuts! At least they finally cancelled the season. Now that step one has been taken, hopefully they can get a new CBA worked out, and the NHL can recommence next year. I sincerely hope they can work something out, something that is fair to both the players and the fans. Frankly I could care less about the owners, I understand that they want to make money, but in all reality it's the fans who are hurt the most. The new CBA must address the issue of ticket prices, not directly, but through changes to what players are paid. If your average family cannot afford to attend a game or two, then we lose a part of our Nationality. Hockey is, I believe, tied into our sense of what being Canadian is, and we Must Not Lose That.

On a closing note, GO DOGS GO! (Hamilton Bulldogs, Montreal Canadiens farm team)

This is Tom, and he was kind enough to give me and Aaron tickets to the game.

The Power Of Picasa2

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently downloaded Picasa2. This software is amazing for organizing a large number of photos and movies. It also includes options to create web page galleries, e-mail photo's, and it links with blogger. Not only that you can do batch edits, to say rotate a bunch of photo's, or my favourite, convert them to black and white.

If you have a lot of photo's, or just want something that looks really cool, give Picasa2 a test run.

I've noticed that Google has started buying up and developing an amazing amount of applications. From Picasa2, to Google desktop search, the company is really putting pressure on companies like say, Microsoft. And no one really likes Microsoft. Google has managed to work themselves quite a powerful position, and although some people might dislike them, I love em. Oh and I apologize for this Google plug that seems to have started up, it's just that well I like anyone who beats Microsoft. Plus they run Linux.

February 19, 2005

And Then There Was Beer

A beer can. Happens to be the last one I had. I was messing around with Picasa2 (which is now free thanks to Google) and was having fun applying effects. This is the exciting Soft Focus effect. I think it looks nifty. And well who wouldn't want to see a picture of beer.

Too Much Time

What happens when you have too much time, and like taking photo's.

Black and White picture are fun.

A frozen hose.

A tree. Sexy.

A stolen sign, a reflection of me.

A broken table (good job Nathan).

The reason you have to see this.

February 17, 2005

The fun time at my house

This is Darren. I live with him.

Now you may be asking, what is that funny looking, pee inspired liquid that Darren is sitting in. You might also wonder why the hell he is sitting in it. Well it's all quite simple (at least compared to half the shit that goes on around here). Darren was being "baptized" (and not in the usual sense, there were no religious intents, it was more due to sheer boredom then anything else) by Aaron. Where the decision to use orange juice (which you may have already successfully have guessed as the liquid as choice) I will never know. I will tell you one thing though. It was fucking hilarious.

February 05, 2005

What the hell is wrong with Germany?

Ok, I was wondering if anyone else saw this article (click title). As many people know, in 2002 Germany legalized prostitution which already caused much controversy. Now apparently people are being forced to go into the "biz" or else face cuts to unemployment insurance. This is so sick and fucked up. I can't believe in a modern world / global civilization "yada" that something like this could ever happen. It's sickly immoral and should be stopped NOW. Everyone should contact the German government and let them know that the rest of the world will not stand for something so disgusting.

The fact that this has occurred is actually not nearly as shocking as it should be. The governments of the world have decided that civil rights and freedom and speech and other important ideals that we have fought for over hundreds of years can now be taken away. They justify these laws with noble things like public security and other just hoopla. It's all bullshit. It just a power grab and the fact that people are standing by and taking it is really just sad. It's past the point of claiming ignorance, at this point it's just plain stupid.